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The Rating System
It’s important to give some sort of quantitative assessment, though all rating systems for wine are a little bit silly. Readers should note that the point scores inevitably take some account of price (a $20 wine that scores 90 is not quite the same as a $50 wine that scores 90). Also while the points will reflect a young wine’s sheer quality including some allowance for percieved potential, it should well do better (occasionally worse) when it has been aged, in the same why that a fine wine is more valuable when it is older (usually).

WordPress seem to no longer allow editing of the template so I’m stuck with my description of the point rating system. But this adaptation of Alan Meadow’s (Burghound) is a more accurate description:

95 – 100: Truly incomparable and emotionally thrilling. By definition, it is reference standard for its appellation. Less than 1% of fine wine (eg $30+ per bottle).

90 – 94: Outstanding. Worth a special effort to purchase and cellar and will provide memorable drinking experiences.

85 – 89: Very good to high quality. Wines that offer high quality, some flair and generally very good typicity. “Good Value” wines will often fall into this category. Worth your attention.

80 – 84: Average to Good quality. Fine wine, but solid rather than exciting.

70-79: Good wines, acceptable. But personally I find life too short to waste on boring wines

60-69: Not faulty, but plain and low quality fruit, e.g. dilute. Or crass winemaking, e.g. dolled up with oak chips. These points yet with no redeeming features.