Review Pasanau Finca la Planeta 2001

89+ points

from Priorat, Spain, 14%

Cabernet from Spain in a good vintage, serious winemaking.

Big wine, with dense aromas, rather neutral oak but plenty of it, and chocolaty tannins, and shiny acids. Needs food. Very very impressive.

Hard to pin down but seems like the sort of wine that will have an exciting future. But I’m not sure, it’s so “all over the place” and at the same time enjoyable now (albeit with strong flavoured food – like serious margarita pizza) so I’d hedge my bets. Keep trying over the next 10 years.

1 thought on “Review Pasanau Finca la Planeta 2001

  1. 87 points

    October 2006 – Quite like a Coonawarra cabernet, except without the extreme eucalypt. The rawness is subsiding a little, but there isn’t much sign of development. Just lots of berry fruit, quite astringent. Doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

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