Wirra wirra r.s.w. shriraz 2002 (review)

90 points

From Mclaren Vale, South Australia 14.5%

Drak black/red and shiny. This is a winemakers wine. Super clean. Well balanced, well perhaps a little too much acid, some added. Pristine and powerful fruit, a controlled but still obvious oak. The 2002 vintage is quite obvious here, as is the quality winemaking.

James Halliday gave this a huge score something like 97 points. It’s his sort of winemakers wine. Clean and powerful.

It’s the sort of wine that wins medals, but partly because it can’t be faulted. But I find a tad boring, by the numbers – even if it is so impressive.

I think it is very good. And fairly priced. But I’m damining it with faint praise really for a top wine.

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