Chateau de l’Engararran cuvee Quetton Saint-Georges 2001 (review)

85 points

Coteaux du Languedoc

The top wine of this producer, which one of my french wine books notes prominately as “run by women” ! Gender perhaps is suppsosed to affect the taste of the wine. Well it must be of the better as this is at the forefront of Languedoc wines.

A shiraz, grenache, carignan blend – heavily weighted to the former varieties and given new oak. This is a serious wine for the region.

It has an obvouious milky aspect, and interesting, though not overt, fruit flavours. A decent to fine, not commercial manufactured New World, wine – yet one that many in the New World could appreciate as it is ripe and not dilute.

PS available in Australia from Dan Murphy’s (around A$20).


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