d’Arenberg Sticks & Stone 2002 (review)

84 points

Tempranillo Grenache blend, with a touch of Souzao. 14.5%
McLaren Vale, South Australia.

Inky, shiny, red black wine. Deft oak handling, concentrated rich nose.

Intense concentrated, with the warmth of grenache held in check by some cabernet-like (in structure) Tempranillo. Intensity, alcohol, and bright acids. It’s an academic, rather than enjoyable, drink. Impressive at first, able to handle food well, but not a lot of fun – not much distinctive flavour to remember.

Better with age ? Probably, though I suspect it may evolve into a traditional wine as the added acidity become increasingly prominent.

Has won lots of medals.


2 thoughts on “d’Arenberg Sticks & Stone 2002 (review)

  1. What is Souzao ? I beleive it is a South African grape variety. The back label says 12% was added for “its colour stability, acidity, and natural resistance to oxidation”.

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