2001 Primo Estate ‘il briccone’ Shiraz Sangiovese etc (review)

2001 Primo Estate ‘il briccone’ Shiraz, Sangiovese, Barbero, Nebbiolo, Cabernet

91 points (Parker gave 90)

14% Alcohol
Aged only in old oak
A ‘secret blend’ from Joe Grilli with around 55% Shiraz sourced from McLaren and Clarendon, and around 35% Sangiovese from McLaren and Adelaide Hills. The final 10% or so is Barbero, Nebula and Cabernet with source not stated.

For a $20 -$25 bracket wine this is excellent value for such a well-crafted Tuscan style wine.

The name translates like cheeky lad, rascal or rogue, but I believe one should fix more on an image of a linen suit-clad swaggering type of rascal from say, Siena or Cortona, as this blend has seduction, style, and an earthy honesty.

A deep red hue with a cigar box and dark chocolate nose. Initial passage through an elegant series of fruit -cherry tomatoes, floral fruity notes of tamarillo inching languorously through black currant and plum with hints of nail candy and white pepper spice. A viscous back end with a little beach-roasted seaweed. Overall this has enormous length with out the heaviness.

I paired this with garlic, sake and olive oil marinated yearling rump, cooked fast and rare, with parmesan mash and brussels sprouts that are bursting with green flavour right now. Putting it all together I couldn’t help remembering what a great time and place it is to be alive.

Seriously, buy some and drink it this year or next.



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