Pesquera reserva 1996 (review)

91 points.

Ribera del Duero, Spain. 13%.

A very good vintage and this wine is going strong. Matched against Rockford Shiraz the fresh acidity of tempranillo is apparent, though the wines are reasonable partners. Both rich, soft and savoury. The Pesquera is more a wine for food.

Pesquera’s reservas do tend to be finer, with higher acids, than the normal label. Built to age longer. This has lost the flush of youth with the primary fruit flavours subdued now, but I think it is settling down for a few years of very slow development. Drink now, but no rush whatsoever.


1 thought on “Pesquera reserva 1996 (review)

  1. Another very good wine enjoyed with good company, and very different to the Chateauneuf de Pape and the Rockford. I was surprised at the softness of the tannins, but unlike Byron, I found it a bit overshadowed by the strength of the Rockford fruit. THe acid definitely made it a good food wine, and would have been interesting to have some pasta with it.

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