RBJ Theologicum 2001 (review)

87 points

This is a rare wine, though I saw it at East End Cellars. The RBJ stands for Ringland (Chris of Three Rivers and Rockford), Bruce (not sure, but it used to be Ralph Binder, but now is Bruce), and Johnstone (Russell, head of viticulture for Orlando). This wine is kind of their homebrew, in a very simple package with little information except that it is a Mouvedre Grenache blend from the Barossa Valley.

The colour is rather light, as in not opaque, though the hue is on the red brick side. Looking at it and smelling, you could almost mistake it for a typical Aussie Pinot, with a tight vinous nose- no outstanding fruit or tarry characters. But when you taste it- aqgain like a good Pinot- the flavour explodes into your mouth totally belying the light colour. There’s lots of tannin, kind of drying Grenache type tannin and then the tarry fruit of Mouvedre. There is a long linger taste of bith tannin and rich red fruit after swallowing.

The wine is not that expensive for the intensity- about $25, less if you buy it direct. I think it is a bit closed and young and will wait a while before opening the other bottles.


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