Serafino Cabernet 2002 (review)

83 points

McLaren Vale, South Australia. 14%

Awarded several trophies in 2004 including Winstate’s cabernet of the year. Not bad for an under $20 bottle. But then again Winestate magazine has a pretty odd palate particularly when it comes to cabernet.

Warm climate wine aged in French and American oak. This is an old style chocolately cabernet. Not overtly herbaceous or minty, nor sweet syrupy – which all sounds good. But this is a chunky dull wine, presumably it was fresher last year. Odd finish, hard from added acidity and also milky (perhaps the American oak). Bit of a freak really.

Not recommended unless you like cabernet with undefined solid fruit, and don’t mind obvious winemaking. If the style doesn’t offend then this is well made. But personally I feel that “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” and McLaren Vale is not a cabernet region.

1 thought on “Serafino Cabernet 2002 (review)

  1. Your right, McLaren Vale definitely makes better Shiraz then Cab, and most Cabs from south Australia tend to be a little chunky and out of wack. Thanks for the savvy review mate! Link me up and I’ll do the same!

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