Taltarni Shiraz 2002 (review)

87 points

Pyrenees, Victoria, Australia. 14%

This is a beautifully balanced shiraz, pristine and polished. Not at all like the solid, tannic Taltarni shiraz of the late 70s when they began.

The addition of viogner is noticeable, too much so for me. There is a floral, rose, character to this wine that I really don’t expect in Shiraz. With age I think this will fade, the wine will fatten, and the shiraz and terrior will assert itself more.

If you like fresh, graceful, elegant shiraz/viogner then drink now. For more flavour and character wait a few years.

1 thought on “Taltarni Shiraz 2002 (review)

  1. Nov 2006 – a year later.

    Dark, youthful sappy wine with distinct floral characters. Beautifully balanced, stylish winemaking without being a pristine showpony. Complete, elegant yet it seems to have a reserved richness. Quite savoury. Leave this a few years to get its act together, let the fruit and oak come together, let the fruit lose its youthful simplicity and the youthful acidity die down.

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