Prieure Ste Maried Albas, Clos de Cassis 2000 Corbieres

Sometimes you open a bottle of wine, which you can’t remember acquiring, and even if maybe it was a couple of years too young, it is so much fun, you can make up all kinds of stories about where it came from. THis bottle of Corbieres might have been given to me by a friend or maybe we visited a small rustic stone walled cellar and drank a dark licorice berry scented wine on a cool but sunny afternoon in October in stony olive coloured castle strewn Corbiere. Either way the wine is 5 years old, but dark purple, almost shiny in the glass. My guess it is made from Grenache, Carignane, Mouvedre, and maybe Cinsault. It has ripe earthy, but red fruity taste, with lots of smooth and noticeable tannins. All in all something you just don’t taste everyday. It is a bit rustic, not perfectly balanced, but yummmm!

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