Craggy Range Sophia 2002 (review)

83 points

Gibblett Gravels, Hawkes Bay, North Island, New Zealand. 14%

Merlot & Cabernet Franc blend.

I’ve rated this wine that has been praised by Parker and others rather low. Because I found it very hard to drink, it is very powerful, concentrated, but with harsh yet dullish added acidity. It’s premium wne, a show pony wine, no doubt, yet I expect it will age into a something of a leathery dull wine.

This is Californian wine making comes to New Zealand.

Less confectionery than some of the Villa Maria wines, but in something of the same ilk.



3 thoughts on “Craggy Range Sophia 2002 (review)

  1. agree, insanely difficult to drink at the mo as with many of the 02’s in this mould. needs a good 10 years in the cellar, but I think its a quality wine

  2. Another try, it is now 6 years old. It’s quite savoury which is a plus, but hard, tannic and very extracted. There is a bit of VA too. Is this the Chateau Pavie of New Zealand ? I don’t think this will ever come good, no charm.

  3. September 2011 – the wine is now 9 year old and it’s turning into a tomato sauce sort of Merlot, the VA is there, sweetness, a touch of hard greenness from over extraction. I’d have loved it for this wine to have come good but it hasn’t. And I’d recommend anyone who has some still to drink it up.

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