Warramate Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 (review)

86 points

Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia. screwcap

Outstanding young colour, deep black purple with crimson flashes.

Surprising then that this wine is silky and approachable. It is quite opulent. Dry grown (completely non irrigated) fruit with considerable concentration. Exotic, blackcurrant fruit. But in a warm climate style. I might pick this for a cool vintage wine from McLaren Vale, or another warm Australian region, but not the Yarra Valley.

Interesting certainly. But not profound, lacks balance, not food friendly at all. Hard to drink, rather than taste, and that isn’t due to its age. Nevertheless good value. And I’d sure it would upstage many more well known and more expensive Australian cabernets in a tasting. $19

1 thought on “Warramate Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 (review)

  1. This is one of the more intersting Yarra Valley wine producers.
    The Church’ are a lovely old couple who have almost a kitchy little cellar door at Coldstream.
    I christened my Bordeaux (hand made) Riedels with this wine (the 1999 in 2004) and it came out superb. This vintage, like th one reviewed steers away from that cold climate Yarra savoriness, with plenty of fruit at the core and a more “warmer” tannin stucture. I can definately see why this wine appealed to the previous reviewer. The 1999 was not “black label” and this intersting move might be to denote the use of new oak which has been sited as a potential problem with some of their prior wines (Halliday among others).

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