Ashton Hills Pinot Noir 2004 (review)

84 points.

Piccadilly Valley, Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

Campbell Mattinson of described it as ”Ripe and luscious and bordering on aniseed like, with churns of cherry and rhubarb and Asian spice. Lines of foresty nuance and raspberry jubes through the background. Flavour and impact. Big, warm end of town, but very good at it.”

Which is a pretty good description I think. I’m not into describing every flavour of a wine in such flowery style, but in this case I think he has caught the flavours. What isn’t conveyed so well is that this is a soft somewhat dilute wine with out of balance warm alcohol. Interesting flavours and very approachable in spite of its age – but far from vin de garde.

What concerns me is that this is the sort of Pinot that represented the upper end of Australia 5+ years ago. I don’t see a lot of signs of progress. But then at A$29 I’m probably asking too much.


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