Club Des Sommerliers Bordeaux 2005 (review)

84 points

Bordeaux, France. 13%

My first taste of 2005, this ultra cheap (2.7 euros) half bottle (with screwcap) is a dark shiny wine with magenta flashes. Obscenely young fruity aromas lead to powerful, if simple, flavours. I bought this to have a taste of the fruit from the “perfect vintage” and I have to say I’m impressed. My experience with cheap Bordeaux in the past has been mostly thin weedy wines. This is very respectable, and would beat many similarly priced wines of Southern France and Australia.

Drink in 2007.


Domaine de grand Chemin 2001 (review)

86+ points

Vin de Pays d’Oc, France 13%

A blend of Cabernet and Pinot Noir (hence the Vin de Pay appellation, the wine comes from near Nimes.

Very dense dark colour, with similar aromas. Baked, but dry baked, flavoured wine. I suspect the Pinot was added to lighten and give some acidity, probably successfully too. Not over the top, nor syrupy. One of the better wines of Southern France.

Domaine de Boede ‘Les Gres’ 2001 (review)

85 points
Coteaux Du Languedoc. 14.5%

Weird tarragon, herby (mercaptan ?), slight smoky, and very dense rich touch burnt nose. And creamy rich palate. I’m guessing this is a blend that includes merlot or cabernet. It’s not unlike a South African or Californian blend.

Very interesting, and pleasing to see such diversity in this region. Though it isn’t my style of wine. Too baked, lacks elegance.