Saltram 8th Maker Shiraz 2001 (review)

88 points

Barossa Valley, South Australia. 14%

This new premium brand celebrates the 8 winemakers of Saltram. I received it as a gift, I’m grateful for the chance to try it as I wouldn’t usually pay this much for a local wine, and a new label at that.

Clearly it’s a wine built for the long haul, Saltram’s attempt at a Grange competitor. It deep and dense, rather dosed up with added acidity. It reminds me of Peter Lehmann’s Stonewall, and interestingly Peter Lehmann is one of the “8 makers” as he was winemaker at Saltram’s during the 1970s.

Not really my style, unless the wine is rather old when interesting savoury characteristics (lots of leather) will develop.


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