Wendouree Cabernet Sauvignon 2002 (review)

84 points

Clare Valley, South Australia. 13.3%

I’ve had very few of Wendouree’s wonderful wines in the past decade. Prices rose and they have disappeared from retail shelves. This bottle was bought from auction. While I’m a fan of Clare cabernet I’ve never thought that this was Wendouree’s best wine, but this is from the great (cool) 2002 vintage so I have high hopes.

It’s a heroic teeth-staining sort of wine, yet quite different from the 15% alcohol monsters that a so common nowadays. Considerable acidity, much of it added, lots and lots of fairly dry French oak, and firm tannin too. Enjoyable to sniff, almond oak esters and dry-grown concentrated fruit, warm but not cooked. But it’s hard work to drink even with food.

This needs a lot of time, and yet I don’t think it will develop like a similarly concentrated Bordeaux. The added acid will probably result in it turning into a leathery, warm but simple old red. Well we’ll see.
Wendouree 2002 Cabernet


2 thoughts on “Wendouree Cabernet Sauvignon 2002 (review)

  1. Last week drove over 900km from Wiesbaden, Germany to Pienza, Italy so that my girl could fill her car with a years supply of wine. Drinking a Meleto Chianti right now and wondering if God is doing the same. Nice site…

  2. Hello winereview,

    Are you sure that this wine has “added acid”? I would be very surprised.

    Kind regards,

    BTW – good website!

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