La Voulte Gasparets Corbiere 2000

This is a wine from the southwest of France at the border of Languedoc and Rousillon. The Corbiere is a rocky hilly dry region of wild rosemary and thyme and ruined Cathar castles with lots of small plots of grapes, mainly Grenache (Gris, Rouge, and Blanc), Carignane, and Shiraz. I visited this place with a French friend in 2004 and bought this wine, which had just been released. The small family winery has been there for almost 100 years and on the wall of the stone-walled cellar are awards going back to the early 1900s and up to until recent times.

When I opened it, there were intense aromatics of licorice and thyme with a hard edge. When we tasted it, there was a harsh rush of tannin and then a long dried fruit palate of excellent length. Now, after being opened (and decanted) for about 2 hours, the nose is milder, more herby than spicy. The palate has more cinnamon like tannins but very drying with a long and spiced berry flavours. I think I will wait several more years before opening the next bottle.


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