Verget Macon Bussieres Vieilles Vignes de Montbrison 2005 (review)

90 points

Burgundy, France. 13%

Now this is an odd bottle. The screwcap started to fail, I had stored the wine lying down and I noticed a very slight crust that suggested some leakage but didn’t now if it was continuing or not. Then today I noticed a small group of fruit flies clustering around the screwcap ! Sure enough there was ullage. So I popped it into the fridge and opened it tonight.

What a joy. While it might have been exposed to a bit of slow oxidation it was still very pale and fresh, as is to be expected on such a young white burgundy. Austere yet still rich, no overt fruit, oak or alcohol, just lovely wine. Great value.

I suspect that 2005 has produced many white burgundies with approachable richness yet the capacity to age. I hope so.

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