Stonewell Wines Red Nectar Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 (review)

87+ points.

Barossa Valley, South Australia. 13.5%

Dark red. Nice slightly smokey aromas, blackcurrant. Omph, the palate hits with some force. It’s claret Jim but not as we know it. Lives up to its name (nectar) – syrupy cassis flavours and palate texture, with fruit-like (plums) acidity on the finish. Quite nice in its syrupy way, although it sits in an odd position at the moment, not really enjoyable by itself and difficult to match to food.

I’m surprised the alcohol is only 13.5%, it’s a big glycerolly wine. But this low (for Barossa) alcohol probably bodes well for its future development.

UPDATE: 6 years later.  83 points.  Sweet fruit with a slight green vegetal core, and touch of French oak, and bouncy fresh acid finish.  It’s too much like drinking tomato sauce for me, and I expect this will get worse as the wine picks up some VA.


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