Rocca Di Fabbri Sagratino de Montefalco 2002

90 points

Montefalco (near Todi), Umbria, Italy. 13.5%

A bit of a rare wine, from a single grape variety. We discovered these wines when staying in Todi more than 10 years ago, it was unheard of then, and cheap. Not anymore. I recently had one that was alcoholic, very extracted and oaked up (Parkerised as they say) but this is seriously savoury, perhaps reflecting the difficult vintage.

Italian wine often is very grapey, in a grape skin slightly bitter way. This is quite extreme bringing grape pips even to mind. Rounded out a tad by the neutral French oak. Very grippy tannin finish. Needs food, and excellent with food. Very good wine from a poor vintage.


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