Les Pagodes de Cos 2000 and 2003

2000 90 points 13%
2003 88 points 13.5%

Saint Estephe, Bordeaux, France.

2nd wine of Chateau Cos d’Estournel. I was quite surprised that the 2000 had a more purple youthful colour, much more classic (cedar and blackcurrant) aromas, and was generally a less approachable wine, it needs time. The younger 2003 had exotic aromas, fruitcake and spice and was much softer, more alcoholic though not a sweet wine.

On a positive note for the 2003 it didn’t show any baked characters. I made me feel better about the 2003 vintage. But put against the other big expensive vintage of recent years it seems a drink early vintage. I’m still glad I didn’t spend much money on 2003.


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