Chateau Beychevelle 1966

94 points

St.Julien, Bordeaux, France.

High shoulder (little ullage), and good colour for the 40 years of age, just an obvious mark of brown around the edges but otherwise good depth throughout. Aromas of age, but not oxidation and flabbiness, instead rather like polished old red chairs in the Reform Club (ie old leather but not sweaty or pungent in any sense) , old (neutral) wood, old books (but not musty), etc. And underneath that clear cabernet aromas, some greenness but not underripe – extraordinary that such obvious varietal character could last so long.

Michael Broadbent describes 1966 as a long distance runner (and one of his favourite vintages), and the Beychevelle as a wine that he always has enjoyed (he tasted it last in the 90s).

The palate has moderate weight, it’s now ultra smooth, the acid has dropped away, it’s frail but only as much as would be expected (at most) for a 40 year old table wine.

The lower levels of the bottle (we didn’t decant it for fear that it might not be up to it) were more robust – very very interesting. No crust at all.

All in all, rather glorious mid weight wine, classic claret. Perfect with food.

It would have been better ten years earlier, but not much, it’s holding very well. We matched it with Beychevelle 2003 but that was a match made in hell – not good for either wine (a lesson in that – don’t mix ridiculously young with very old, in the interests of both wines).

5 thoughts on “Chateau Beychevelle 1966

  1. Ok,Byron,I need help.I supose,you can help me about this TradeMark.I own a bottle of Chateau Beychevelle (Saint Andre de Cubzac) from 1966,and also is wrotten in the bottom of etiquette,”Appellation Bordeaux Superiour Controlee”,in the right upper angle is wrotten “Recolte”,and in the left “1966”.
    Etiquette is not like others,I`ve seen on internet.I thought,it could be rare.Maybe it`s not,but can you help me about this bottle.I wanna know is it expensive.If you need,I could send a photo of botle.Thank you in advance.

  2. Hi, I’ve been offered to purchase Chateau Beychevelle (Saint Andre de Cubzac) from 1966, and except this post can’t find any reference of that wine anywhere. Only Chateau Beychevelle is from St.Julien AOC. Any ideas on price level, the bottle is as @miki describes in comment.

  3. Hello,
    few days ago I got bottle of wine “Domaine de Beychevelle 1964” Bordeaux Superior Appellation Conrolee. Can anybody tell me something more about it? I asked the owner of vineyard Chateau Beychevelle, but he told me that this product has nothing to do with them and was located in Saint Andre de Cubzac.
    After a legal battle, it changed name a few years ago.
    What’s going on with it?
    best regards

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