Spann Vineyards Mo Zin 2003

87 points

Sonoma County, California, USA 14.3%

Zinfandel 72%
Mourvedre 23%
Petite Syrah 5%

from a tiny liquor store in Venice Beach, California. Staffed by some real wine enthusiasts.

A blend that really seems to work. The Mourvedre tones down the overt characters of Zinfandel which under the Californian sun can be ridiculously “tomato sauce with alcohol”.

Lovely fruity tannins on the finish like a good Southern French wine. A touch of mocha oak, but only a deft touch. My main criticism of this wine is the alcohol burn which is annoying even though the wine has 14.3% which is not excessive given the blend and region.

Overall a good fun and honest wine. The blend points the way for others.

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