Puriri Hills 2005 Estate

90+ points

Clevedon, Auckland, New Zealand. 13.5%

Merlot dominant blend. Lovely dark shiny colour young, but not purple. Deep, tight, closed aromas with nice tough of herbaceousness and nice touch of warm oak.

Ripe burst of red currant fruit with savoury tarry edge. A smidge of burnt toffee, in a proper claret savoury style. This really is a very flash young wine, with a mid palate weight that makes the wine quite approachable in spite of its age. This might be similar in style to many 2005 Bordeaux, it has the fresh acids and perfectly ripe fruit of this great vintage.

Above this is a reserve wine and another super premium (the Pope) – which is very impresive given the quality of this wine !

Why are Puriri Hills releasing these 2005s when they still have several previous vintages for sale? I think it’s because they are so good. This is to put a stake in the ground and show what they are capable of. I’m sure they must be very proud of this vintage. It’s very impressive, I hope that there are more to come. A top wine for NZ and good value too.

1 thought on “Puriri Hills 2005 Estate

  1. Bought all 3 of the 05 PH wines, a sensational Auckland red vintage. Wasnt only Puriri that did well. Will they ever produce another vintage as good as the 05s?? I would like to hope so, but it wont be every year quality is this good!

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