July Report on Bordeaux Vintage 2007

UPDATE: There is an August update to this report here.

All the hype about mildew and lost crops may have more to do with selling the 2006 wine than the reality of 2007.

While parts of central Europe have been experiencing heatwave, other areas have had little in the way of Summer including some very serious flooding. Bordeaux has been spared floods though it had a very wet May and June. We’ve been here for the last 10 days of July and it’s been pretty mild, patchy weather. Some ran, some clear sunshine, and some cloudy humid days. It reminds me of an Auckland (New Zealand) Summer – oddly enough an area that has produced a few very Bordeaux like wines.

Decanter magazine online reported, rather sensationally, that mildew rot could result in losses of 90% in Bordeaux.

Today we visited Chateau Haut-Brion and Chateau La Mission Haut Brion, neighbours in Pessac, which is a suburb of the city of Bordeaux. As this photo shows the day was cloudy, though warm (23 C) and humid. Rain threatened, but did not eventuate.
La Mission Haut Brion in July 2007

We saw no sign of rot, nor vineyard workers engaged in spraying. The vineyards here are immaculate as you might expect for serious classed growths such as these. The leaves are picked to allow air to circulate around the bunches of grapes. There was no sign of rot, at least not to my inexpert eye. See for yourself:
Grapes at Chateau Haut Brion

At La Mission Haut Brion there were bunches on the ground suggesting a recent green harvest.
Green Harvest at La Mission Haut Brion July 2007

UPDATE: There is an August update to this report here.


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