2007 Bordeaux Vintage Report – August update

See also early Sept update

It’s hard to find any positive news about the upcoming harvest. In July newspapers around the world were reporting that the grapes were affected by mildew due to a wet month.

We arrived here in mid July and as I reported earlier had reason to be a bit more positive. Since then it has been much the same. A mild, moderate Summer but with quite a lot of sunshine.

Last week though the local newspaper was reporting that this will be a very difficult vintage.

And now we have a week of rain, see the forecast (from http://www.Weather.com) below. But I still want to add a note of optimism. As I write this I’m looking out the window to blue sky with plenty of fluffy cumulus clouds.
Bordeaux blue sky
There has been rain, but in the form of Summer showers than rainstorms. Since we have been here the actual weather has always seemed better than I expected after checking Weather.com in the morning.

Another positive point is the lack of field mushrooms in Bordeaux. When my wife enquired at the markets she was told there are no mushrooms because it hasn’t rained enough. Now maybe a lack of mushrooms says little, maybe if there were any at this time of year it would be a terrible vintage, but it’s one sign of the recent good weather. If there are mushrooms in the market this week I’ll ammend this post.

We’ll see what the rest of the week brings, but I suspect that this will be a vintage where the more diligent (and expensive) Châteaux manage to make pretty good wine still. If they can handle the mildew they may get ripe grapes. Perhaps comparable to 2001 or 1999?

Update: August 21 – it rained most of last night, and we have another day of rain forecast today. I guess the vintage is a wash out.

4th week of August weather forecast


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