Bordeaux 2007 Vintage Report – mid September

September, harvest time, has turned out to be pretty kind. Though I bet many wine growers wish the fine weather had happened earlier – see earlier reports.

Looks like the 17th will be the first, and maybe only day of (Sept harvest) rain. Here is what predicts:


3 thoughts on “Bordeaux 2007 Vintage Report – mid September

  1. Really nice wine blog. My compliments. I’ve also been tracking the Bordeaux weather on September seems to be the saviour for 2007. Do you know when they will be harvesting the Cab Sauv on the Left Bank?

    Info. Chateau Gloria 2002, St Julien exceedingly nice(not that tight at all) with steak and sauteed onions recently.

  2. I expect they will be harvesting CabSav on the left bank sometime around now – but that’s just a guess. I’m looking forward to the reports from winemakers (and Bill Blatch) post harvest on this roller-coaster vintage. Meanwhile buy 2004 for value and consistency.

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