Chateau Potensac 2003

90 points

The 2002 Potensac was far more modern (e.g. pristine with a lick of sweet new oak) than previous vintages. I wasn’t sure if this marked a change in style or a reaction to the 2002 vintage.

What would the 2003 be like ? It continues the 2002 style which very much in this vintage is a very pleasant surprise. It is more modern, fresher, with a good dash of sweet oak that reminded me of the McIntosh toffees I ate as a child in New Zealand (both the coconut and the mint ones).

In reaction to the 2003 vintage the Potensac reaction seems to have been, to quote Lightening McQueen “California here I come…” but I in no way mean this is a derogatory way. It’s as if they have learnt a bit from the best Napa wines (yes the ones that in turn benchmark against Bordeaux) and crafted a fresh attractive wine that is perfectly appropriate given the ripe to roasted grapes that were around in 2003.

Like many 2003 then this is a wine that needs little age, in Potensac’s case I don’t think age will harm the wine at all, it has the acid to stay refreshing, but there isn’t much reason to bother waiting. It’s fairly delicious now.

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