Chateau Clarke 2005

90+ points

Listrac-Medoc, Bordeaux, France. 14%

Note the date that I’m reviewing this wine – June 2008.  It’s only just been released, and I’m not familiar with tasting such young wines.  I’ve had a few bottles of 2005, notably the Puriri Hills from New Zealand, they were young, rich, raw, powerful wines but this is near ridiculous.  Not much fun to drink.

Very dark, very deep closed aromas, considerable tannin.  The lesson is that fine Bordeaux from 2005 should not be touched for many years.  This is probably particularly true for Cabernet dominant wines (and Chateau with improving quality and high aspirations) like this one.

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1 thought on “Chateau Clarke 2005

  1. Dear Sir,
    I have heard of Chateau Clarke for quite some years but it was not imported into Malaysia then(10-oddsyears ago).However,recently a company did import it and the first vintage brought in was the 2000.
    What a vintage this was(especially for Cha.Clarke)!Having seen the bottle,I had picked it
    up,held it against some light and… was so
    completely opaque at the bottom of the bottle(as
    with most wines one should be able to check for
    clarity or sedimentation).I had drunk this wine in
    2007(admittedly young but showed great promise).

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