1855.com saga continues

1855.com have done nothing to change my opinion that they are one of the worst wine retailers in the world.  See my previous post on how 1855.com took my money but answered no emails or questions via phone.

Following the instruction to ring back in an hour, I spoke to a gentleman who said he could not cancel my order of tell me anything about it as his computer screen only gave my name and address.  He said I would need to speak to “an agent” and none were available.  When I asked how this could be he said everyone was busy and then hungup.  Yes he hung up on me.

Wow. I’ve never experienced anything like this buying wine, or anything for that matter.  Don’t buy from them.

To see how this turned out click here.

2 thoughts on “1855.com saga continues

  1. I wish I had read this thread before ordering 3 cases of wine from 1855.

    The whole order has been a joke. Despite paying for the wine, duty, VAT and delivery on order – case one – when they eventually responded to our requests about delivery – they said they could not supply! Wine buying is essentially a matter of trust – at least I expected an apology and an offer of supplying an acceptable equivalent – no just an offer of my money back.

    Case 2 – arrived after some chasing. Case 3 never arrived although on case 2 it said 1 of 2.

    Many calls and unanswered emails later. WE tracked it down through the courier – not delivered but lying broken in their depot. More calls and email – they will email us in 2 weeks -NO. More promises of returned phone calls by ‘agents’. Still no contact and no wine!

    AVOID 1855.com THEY ARE THE MOST unresponsive company I have ever encountered.

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