1855.com worst wine retailer on the web

1855.com, based in Paris, claim to be the largest wine retailer on the web.  In my experience they are the worst.

I created an account with http://www.1855.com and placed an order for two cases of wine to be delivered to an address in France where I was staying.  On the 7th of June my credit card was charged.

Nine days later I sent an email to 1855.com asking when the wine might be delivered, saying I needed warning because I had not stayed at this apartment before and was unsure of how deliveries where made.  No reply.

Three days later I emailed 1855.com again.  No reply.

Four days later I emailed again.  No reply.

So I phoned.  Several times I reached a recorded message that said all 1855.com operators were busy, please phone back.  What a great way to look after customers, and take phone orders !!  Eventually I reached a person who acknowledged that my emails had been received, she said she couldn’t answer my question but would email me the answer.  No answer ever came.

Eventually their web site updated to include a delivery date for my wine “tow (sic) to three weeks from order date”.

Four weeks after order date I rang, and rang, and rang.  Finally I reached a person, Charlotte, who told me that she couldn’t help me now and that I had to call back after the weekend on Monday.  I asked why and she said because they were busy phoning customers.  “But I’m a customer, why can’t you serve me now, I would like you to cancel my order and refund my money, I no longer trust your company”.  But she said she couldn’t do anything, or tell me anything about my order, and that no one else available could.  She could not explain why anything would be different on Monday.

In an hour I will phone http://www.1855.com again and try to get my money back or my wine.  Meanwhile I thought I should write this note of warning to others.

To see how this turned out click here.

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  2. Following my previously posted problems 1855 have now shipped me a case of wine. The first courier refused to deliver it as it was broken so 1855 had another courier pick it up from them – remove the broken glass and deliver to me the remianing 9 bottles – with of course ruined labels. No response to numerous emailsand telephone calls – DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE CLOWNS! Does antone know what formal channelsexist to complain about rogue traders in France?

  3. I have just had the same problem! They shipped me two cases of 2005 Bordeaux futures (finally). One case looked like it had been packed as an afterthought, was badly damaged and contained a couple of broken bottles. Which, of course, means that the remaining bottles are stained!

    I emailed to advise them of this, but quite typically they have not replied.

    As per Geoff’s query, does anyone know what the equivalent of the Small Claims Tribunal would be in France?

  4. It’s funny I just read this. I have been dealing with EXACTLY all the same issues here. I am going to my bank to get my money back. It’s really too bad, nice selection but worst possible service.

  5. I ordered nine bottles of 2005 Bordeaux in 2007 and paid the bill in April 2007. I had to inquire about the delivery (in August 2008), they would not inform me automatically that the wines were ready to be sent out.
    The said I first had to pay the VAT and shipment expenses, which I did. Three weeks later, after another inquiry by E-Mail, they told be that the wines were ready to ship. Another four weeks later I received three out of the nine bottles and I am still waiting for the missing six.
    I summary, this is the worst Internet wine merchant I have ever encountered. They are completely unprofessional, slow, and sloppy. Hands off!

  6. I would like to update that I did finally get my money back. For those in the same position you really have to ask to speak to a manager several times. The people that first answer the phones really have no power to help what so ever. Call back and call back again until you speak to somebody in charge.

  7. Hi I am joining the growing list of people who just cannot get past the call service centre which repeatedly offers to take a message yet no one calls back. Has any one got any advice to get a real person on the phone? My French isn’t good enough to have a lengthy argument – and I am worried I will never see any wine or my money back. I am considering legal action and wondered if anyone else has any ideas or advice on how make some progress.


  8. I can just confirm what was said in other comments. I placed order, could not luckily pay with credit card on www, wrote few times without
    any response. After two weeks it turned out, that my order was deleted. Having read all comments I feel lucky not to have any transaction
    with 1855.com

  9. I don’t speak french at all. Just call back until you get somebody that speaks english and then just hound them that you must speak to a manager, frankly once you get past the people that answer the phone they will take care of you very quickly.

    I don’t understand how these people stay in biz.

  10. Same thing for me – emails, calls, no product, no response, no way to get through to the call centre. For those interested in legal action, 1855.com’s Terms and Conditions suggest the following:

    All complaints and claims will be carefully dealt with, taking into account that the client is acting in good faith, because he/she has taken his time to expose his/her claims.
    In the event of a lawsuit, the client will first inform the company, in an attempt to reach an amicable solution. Should this prove impossible, sole competence corresponds to the Paris Trading Courts, regardless of the agreed delivery destination and means of payment.”

    This may, or may not, be the final word in terms of legal action, but I’m going to be approaching Visa, and Mastercard about having them blackballed – if the law fails you, then why not take commercial action? Further steps could also include contacting French consumer groups – anyone have any clues?

  11. Bad experience with 1855 Bordeaux futures. In 2006 have ordered Bordeaux futures with 1855. When I asked for delivery in August 2008 things got sticky. It took several shipments to deliver my already prepaid wine. In February 2009 I still had not received all my bottles. Especially the Clerc Milon 2004 proved to be impossible to get delivered. Amazingly when visiting their website this wine was offered at 40 Euro. Upon my repeated questions where they kept my vine I did not get an answer. Finally they offered me alternative wines, obviously inferior chateaus. Since I was getting fed up I have reluctantly accepted. I am still waiting for the shipment though.

  12. Although I am waiting for years now (Bordeax Futures 2005, I am still in a e-mail conversation with them. Managed to reach their CEO who apologized, promised a gift and delegated it to his personal assistant. I got a French letter with an explanation of what has happened and was promised a translation into English. This was promised a month ago. I will post the contents of this letter as soon as I have it in my posession. I think they are frustrated by their own success and delivery is not able to keep up. Their most be ways however to get your money back if, in the end, they do not deliver at all.

  13. Dear Clients,

    During the past six months we received close to 500 letters and emails from clients who were
    particularly vexed by the delays in delivery of their Bordeaux Primeurs 2005 orders. I want to
    assure you that I have personally read all of these communications and, with the help of the
    entire 1855 team, have exerted the maximum effort to respond as quickly as possible to these
    complaints. As of today, all of the ordered wines have either been delivered or will be delivered
    in the next few weeks. Nevertheless, I feel I owe you and our other 50,000 clients an
    explanation as to why this happened and whey we guarantee that it will not happen again.
    In the spring of 2008, our bank credit lines were completely cut off without notice by our two
    banks — an example of the credit crunch French-style. This resulted in the complete
    destabilization of our purchase/delivery system which had been in place and functioned well for
    the better part of 15 years. The result has been that, since the summer of last year, 1855’s
    service has not met the justified expectations of its clients, particularly as concerns the
    Bordeaux Primeurs 2005. Additionally, questions have been raised in the press as to the
    sustainability and profitability of the sale of wines on the internet. In December, 1855 was
    subjected to a highly defamatory article which obviously generated great concerns with our
    clients, our providers of wines and our partners.
    Despite the greatly altered financial climate, the founders of 1855 have succeeded in creating a
    holding company, Aphrodite, which has 16.8 million euros of equity. Thanks to this strategic
    move, 1855 has now all resources required fort its development.
    As of the beginning of the current year, we have put in place an ambitious re-organization plan
    which focuses on client services and logistics. In particular: a dedicated contact person for
    every client; enlargement of the client service department to enable higher productivity; and a
    faster do-ordination of the supply-delivery chain.
    I want to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to all our clients for any inconveniences
    they have endured in 2008. At the same time, I wish to assure each and every one of you that
    all of us at 1855 are committed to provide you with the level of service you had come to expect.

    • Monsieur,

      We are the 25 of March 2010 and I have not be delivery the total of my order primeurs 2005, you keep on delay this delivery .

      I do believe that 1855 is a fraud because they take money and VAT but do not deliver wine you say everything should be finish in 2009 but in 2010 still no 2005 wine.

      MR Dubois Jean-Bernard

    • I am from Italy and have bought quite a good amount of wines from 1855.
      Inconviences have started with the delivery of Bordeaux 2005, some where shipped but as of today, May 2010, I am still waiting for the rest to be delivered. Delivery of Bordeaux 2006? I have not seen a single bottle yet delivered and YES, I did pay dor VAT already.
      Credit cards companies should be aware of this

  14. signed by:

    Emeric Sauty de Chalon

    P.S: In order to thank those clients who were inconvenienced this past year and were tenacious
    enough to remain loyal, I will shortly send you an invitation for a private wine-tasting of some
    of the great wines

    • I am from Italy and have bought quite a good amount of wines from 1855.
      Inconviences have started with the delivery of Bordeaux 2005, some where shipped but as of today, May 2010, I am still waiting for the rest to be delivered. Delivery of Bordeaux 2006? I have not seen a single bottle yet delivered and YES, I did pay dor VAT already.
      Credit cards companies should be aware of this

  15. I live in France and have bought from these guys three times now. The first was OK the second…well, and I am still waiting for delivery of my 2005 wines having paid for delivery in September 2008.
    For those people wanting to sue, there is a fairly straightforward proceedure called Injunction à Payer which you need to get from and return to the Tribunal d’Instance nearest to THEIR Head Office business address. It is a purely paper based proceedure and if the case is granted in your favour it can all be sorted in a matter of weeks.
    Good luck to you all. I shall certainly not be shopping here again.

  16. Thanks very much to Hessel for posting the letter all of us would like to have received.

    Having reversed my payment through my credit card company I have my money back. Unsurprisingly 1855.com have not contested the reversal, despite their single email assuring me that my wine had been shipped sometime in November. None of my emails or messages prior to, or since making the reversal were acknowledged. That said I have, bizarrely, been contacted by 1855 today to see if I would like to purchase Champagne from them. I most certainly would not.

    It would be nice to take the president’s message at face value and give the benefit of the doubt to a company victimized by circumstances, but sometimes business isn’t nice. Lying to customers about procurements and shipments is not the responsible or ethical way to deal with a credit problem and corporate restructuring.

    If you’ve read through this thread to this point and are still wavering, my advice would be to steer clear and to make sure you don’t end up dealing with Aphrodite, the new holding company, either!

  17. I am so glad that someone has set up this blog – I would have liked to but don;t know how. I have been tearing my hair out for ages with this company. They are quite simply one of the worst companies I have ever been misfortunate enough to deal with.

    Orders have taken ages (more than a year late for one order) to show up. I have been lied to repreadetly about delivery dates. I couldn’t get anyone at the company to take responsibility for giving me wrong information.

    I strongly suspect fraudlent practices, i.e. that they simply took my money and maybe invested it in the stock market or something like that with a view to buying the wines I ordered further down the line at discounted prices.

    I really hope they go bust.

  18. Avoid 1855
    despites having paid all my 2005 primeurs and multiple mails, calls, apologies, new apologies, …tehy will get burst and cannot deliver
    has anyone brought them to court ?

  19. Today was the day that 1855 promised faithfully to send my 2005 wine.
    One guess as to whether I got it or not!

  20. Hi my companions also beeing cheated…

    My experiences are the same: I am waiting for my bordeaux futures 2005 since June 2008 – but a miracle happened: I got 2006 Futures without beeing asked to pay the VAT.

    I am still waiting, today I will send another mail to Mr. Sauty de Chalon.

  21. Also the same experiences:
    no call backs
    no answer on mails
    no answer on phone calls
    and sinds e year waiting on my 168 botells of 2004 and 2005 bordeaux futures

  22. Wow, wonderful news. I got my money back! A simple call dealt with by a super efficient customer relations person and within two days my money was recredited to my account.
    Good luck to the rest of you.

  23. I have just come accross this forum, and am disgusted by the amount of people that have been messed around by this company.
    I have some 2005 futures that I am waiting for still after many phone calls and emails.
    I will begin chasing more now I know that they are this bad. Has anybody had their high quality 2005’s delivered (eg Lafite) I really dont want to cancel and claim back from visa as these wines are now worth far more than I paid. Any advice would be appreciated.The CEO should be in jail!!

    • I understand your dilema although given the amount of problems we have all had I for one would rather take a hit on the value of the wine I ordered than lose both my money and the wine.
      As to the CEO being in jail, would you consider a forma complaint to la brigade financière (122-126 Rue Chateau de Rentiers Paris 13e)? Maybe if we all complained there might at least be some pressure for them to get things sorted. I also have a contact in the Parisien newspaper, like the Evening Standard in London. They might be interested in this. What do you all think?

  24. I am in the same boat as you all 2005 en primeur still not delivered, phone calls on a daily basis still produce no refunds or wine, can anyone supply the email/phone number of the CEO to contact direct?

  25. Does anyone have an update on how proceedings are going against this mob?

    My credit card company has advised that the grace period with which I could seek to reclaim my money has expired. Consequently, I will need to go through some form of EU tribunal or court. At present The European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) would seem the sensible place for me to start.

    Thanks in advance!

  26. Hi Guys

    I m a French ex customer of 1855 and I had the same issues as you guys but had my wines delivered. The company is apparently clearly not in a good shape from what I can read on French websites and from their financial statements. My advice based on my experience, get whatever you can from them before they get bust, which means put pressure on them to get either your mney back or to get some wines that they have in their inventories in exchange of what you have ordered. Typically, don’t expect to get your laffite Rotschild 2005 !! A lot of french customers are bringing them to court and the more noise you do and the more threats the best chance you have to get your wines back. If you travel to Paris, go to their Headquarters to get your money back or some wine !

    Good luck to all, and be quick, they are struggling with cash so they expected to get orders for 2008 futures to buy your 2005 wines on the market !

  27. greetings from Holland. same problem here. I ordered and paid for 12 bottles of wine in may. I have sent a number of e-mails and called them at least 5 times, so far. every time they promise me to solve the problem. they promise to call me back or send a mail to confirm the shipping of my order. Nothing, nothing, nothing happens.
    does anybody know if sending an e-mail to monsieur sauty helps?

    • Hi, I’m from Holland too, I’ve ordered en primeurs in 2006 (24 bottles, 1.900 euro) Same story as the others. I had once the PA of mr Sauty on the line. She promissed that he would call back: nothing of course, dealt with several personal customer services guys. Send 10 or more emails, called several times. Nothing but broken promisses and lies. Most CS’s left the company in the meantime
      I think only legal actions will work.
      How and what to do?

  28. Well I tell you this will not for sure ! Go on the french website “lapassionduvin” In there there is a section called “Primeurs” and one special thread called ‘”retard primeurs 1855″. You have to speak french though !

    GOod luck,


  29. Same here from Holland. Still waiting on 72 bottles of 2005 primeurs (“… it will be next month for sure …”). Emails are left unanswered, phone calls unreturned. Even my ‘dedicated relationship manager’ seems to be in hiding. Management is in meeting or on vacation. Unbelieveble this is possible for a Alternext listed firm. I will publish the correspondence on the youforum-website sometime this week. Considering legal action. Anyone wants to join in?

  30. Experienced same bad way. Calls, emails, calls – nothing happend. Waiting for 42 bottles of 2006 Beordeaux futures, to be delivered in Spring 2009. Will taking legal action asap with virgile avocats in Paris – anybody wants to join in? If there are some information that the company busted please post. Thanks.

    • Hi.

      I’m still owed some wine by 1855.com What have you done about taking them to court ?

      Are you still pursueing the matter ?

      If so, please get in touch.


  31. Hi everyone.
    I am new to this blog and haven’t had any particular problem with them yet, barring overcharging my last purchases and following that, no answers to my e-mails. But I had a quick word with Mathieu yesterday (atfer trying to call them many times, finaly I reached him)and he promised that my delivery will be made within 2 weeks (Primeur 2006). Will see!!!! In the meantime, after reading this blog, I am considering to cancel my last orders (2007 & 2008) and try to claim my money back. I’ll let you know.
    Good luck to all!

  32. Mel,

    Cancel your 2007 and 2008 orders, I’m afraid it is very likely that you will never see your wine. Because it is now widely known (especially in France) about their delivery problems, everybody is waking up to get their wines which creates a clear cash struggle. Get your money back, quick ! There arr many other serious companies in France selling Bordeaux futures.

  33. Thanks Titi,
    I managed to reach another member of their team yesterday to ask for a refund and been told to write a letter for that. When I asked about popping in to the office in Paris as I was going there for something else, she said “of course it is possible” so next week I am going there to get my refunds. Fingers crossed…
    I’ll let you know about the progress and of course re:delivery of my 2006

  34. Sounds like a big scam, I also ordered 6 bottles Bordeaux 2005 two years ago paid 349,80 with final balance on delivery,then last year 1855.com offered me one years storage which I did after that not a word I also been phoning every day for the past two weeks only to be cut off. I’ve sent so far 2 emails with no reply. I’m living in hope as I’ve spent a lot of money and had no return…..
    I’ll let you know about the progress.

  35. My family is in very similar situation, I have been communicating with 1855 over past two weeks. Nothing but the promises, and long hours on the phone, hoping that somebody will pick up and not hang up on you. My dad have invested a substantial amount in 2008 futures and also some wine that were supposed to be delivered back in September, nothing. Mostly we are worried about the futures, weather to take the money or wait and see. Does anyone could recommend a reliable company for 2008 futures? Any further recommendations, any luck with court orders? Elena

    • Dear Elena,

      Have a look at: http://www.youforum.co.uk/worst_wine_retailer/index.php

      I’ve listed and spoke with some very good en-premier retailers who distribute throughout europe. They are also aware of how bad 1855.com are. You have have to look at a company and ask what is behind them. With en-premier wine you are buying almost on trust, with the promise of your wine arriving in 2 years time. If the supplier is backed by a larger parent company which is establisded upon reputation and brand strength then you should be ok.

      I have had good dealings (for my 2008) with:

      http://www.caveulysse.com/ – This is owned by Chanel Inc. (i.e. the perfume house)
      http://www.wineandco.co.uk/ – THis is owned by Louis Vitton/Moet/Hennessy (LVMH – see http://www.lvmh.com/ )

      there is also

      http://www.chateauprimeur.com/ – With these, you are able to have a separate insurance scheme in case they are unable (for some reason) to supply you with the wine. This i think is issued by HSBC.
      I hope this helps.

  36. if only i had read this email chain before making a purchase – they are the worst internet company i have every experienced – we are chasing the non delivery of 2 orders from 2008 and must have made over 100 phone calls to try and resolve. The staff are inept, the client service appauling it is hard to believe they have not been shut down.

  37. I should have read these comments sooner. I ordered in February 2009 30 “primeur” bottles.
    I probable called twices a months since June, and got always the same response “we have not yet received the Primeur 2006”! Suddenly, I got 12 last September, but then nothing else. They are now telling me not before February 2010! Do not buy from these people.

  38. I now see that they are selling the wines I paid for in good faith, for double the price i bought them at. They are still unable to deliver them to me! I wish that I’d read these blogs-this was my husband’s birthday present several years ago. The credit crunch is no excuse-if you went into a shop and paid for something but then were told that you couldn’t have it, well, you would call the police. This stinks of fraud to me.

  39. I am still waiting for my Chateau Montrose 2004, which was promised to be deliverd in 2007. 1855.com replies to my emails with aplogies and still promising to deliver my wines in the future. Apparently 1855.com is a fraudulent company. Is there anyone who could advise me how to get my money back, for instance using the procedure called “Injunction à Payer” at the Tribunal d’Instance?

    • Not sure this really helps but I have been waiting for delivery of Bordeaux 2003 bought en primeur in 2004 and still have nothing but excuses. I have email addresses for all the host of people I have dealt with there – maybe as many as 20 people (including the President of the the 1855.com company) – if you’d like them; however, it seems from this forum that people have tried much more serious remedies and still failed.


  40. It’s probably old news but I just found this thru a Gougle search (see: http://www.1855.com/apropos/communique/?p=cp160210_capital&-session=1855:0A0000560ec5e1FDF5rSt14C4AE3):-

    1855 completes EUR 9 million capital increase
    Confidence of French and foreign institutional investors Strengthened capital structure

    PARIS, Tuesday, 16 February 2010 – PRESS RELEASE.
    1855 today announced that it has carried out a capital increase of EUR 9 million. The issue was subscribed by around ten institutional investors from the Paris, London and Geneva financial markets and by Aphrodite, the holding company for 1855’s founders.

    The capital increase was implemented as a private placement of 50,014,473 new shares, priced at EUR 0.18 each (including share premium). This price per share could be reduced to EUR 0.15 if the warrants attached to the shares are exercised, creating up to 12,503,511 additional shares.

    On completion of the capital increase, the stake held by the founders’ holding company, Aphrodite, had fallen below the two-thirds threshold of the company’s capital and now stands at around 59.1%.

    “This strengthening of the capital base allows us to turn the page on the operating pressures faced by 1855 in a general environment that was, to say the least, troubled” said Emeric Sauty de Chalon, Chairman of 1855.

    “We are especially pleased with the confidence shown in 1855 and in its strategy by the professional investors we met in the course of this fundraising”.

    “1855 looks forward to 2010 with confidence. Its strengthened capital structure and free cash position will allow the company to accelerate revenue growth, enhance its purchasing power and further develop its profitability. 2010 will also be dedicated to establishing the company as a benchmark for service quality”.

    The company will publish 2009 revenue figures on Monday, 22 February 2010. Earnings for 2009, expected to show growth on 2008, will be published on 15 March 2010.

    1855 was the year when Napoleon III had the greatest wines of Bordeaux classified. Today, 1855 offers wine lovers the largest choice of the Internet, with more than 25,000 listed. The aim of 1855 is to build the world’s leading luxury brand in the sale of great wines.
    Press Contacts
    Lucie Delaruelle,
    Communications Officer
    Tél. : +33 (0) 1 42 61 06 55

  41. I am in the same trouble as many of the ones who wrote comments before. I still wait for my 2005 and 2006 wines. I received 12 bottles a few weeks ago. But still a lot of the rest missing. Yesterday I talked to a friend and he told me that one of L’Oreal S.A. manager is also a client of 1855 and he had the same trouble. He threatened with their in house lawyers and promptly he got all of his wines within a week. May be one of you knows this person. That could speed up things a lot.

  42. Some of the wines I ordered from these people were paid for in 2004 and I still haven’t had delivery to an address in France, even though I have seen the wines advertised in stock and then subsequently out of stock. Since I first ordered the wines a family tragedy has meant I run an educational charity in Africa that could do with the funds I could raise from the sale of these wines. Obviously, they can’t keep staff, so every time I write, I get a new infuriatingly optimistic new contact. I can’t see how they are still trading!

  43. I see many here making the same observations; clients who have paid for 2004-2006 futures are told by 1855 that the deliveries haven’t arrived although the wines are simultaneously advertised as ”in stock” on the 1855 website.

    This leads to one likely conclusion; 1855 is deliberately holding back deliveries. They most likely spent the clients’ money on something else and speculated that the futures prices would go down. Instead, they soared about 200% leaving 1855 with losses, which they now refuse to realise. Another signal that this is the case is that the two cases that have been delivered of my 12 cases are the ones that have appreciated the least in value.

    • Hello Martin

      Good Info. Thank you. However, the website is pretty extensive. Could you specify where to call?

      Many thanks and Best Regards


  44. Terrible, terrible company. Similar treatment to all of the other posters here – wine I had supposedly ordered from them was clearly never ordered and an absolute nightmare trying to get the problems I had with them satisfactorily resolved. Their customer services department is a complete joke. One of the worst companies I have ever had the mispleasure of dealing with. I would strongly urge people not to trust them with your custom.

  45. I have been treated the same way as most here and I really am fed up with their way of treating customers. I have been waiting for 12 bottles of 2006 futures for over two years- only three bottles have been delivered. I really am worried, since I have ordered a lot of 2008 and 2009 as well. Now a shipment the supposedly sent (not futures) three weeks ago has not arrived and they show no responsibility what so ever. Anyone know if it still would be possible to join the lawsuit?

  46. I have been buying from 1855 since 2003 and at first everything worked perfectly, however since then my orders from 2005, 2006 have been stuck and I have spent many pounds in phone calls to chase for a delivery, all I get is a promise for the next month or 2 – never followed thru’. This is beginning to feel like a classic ponsie scheme stitch up and I would like to know if anyone knows of a consumer watchdog in France?

    Additionally, I woud ask if anyone knows the address of the office / owners, as I intend to travel out there to see them.

  47. Well, to all of you who are still waiting for their 2005 and 2006 en Primeur I can assure you that you won’t receive your wines. What you can expect is a refund but only if you sue them. My case just finished and I received the amount which I originally invested with a small premium. The premium was around 20% which for the 2006 is o.k. but sure not o.k for most of the 2005. In total I spent around Euro 2000 for lawyer’s fee. At the end I just got back what I invested from the start but not the appreciation.
    Just to give you a rough idea how it works in France if you want to sue a company. The lawyer writes a letter to give the company a deadline to forfill my orders. Of course 1855 didn’t. Then the court will set a date for the case.
    24 hours before that day 1855 offered an amount to settle as for sure they don’t want to go to court. The lawyer asked me for the amount. There I made a mistake because my lawyer didn’t know what ex VAT or including VAT meant. Keep in mind what you paid including VAT and add the appreciation and even the lawer’s fee. I am sure you all know what your wines are worth now today. Just tell your lawyer the amount you want to receive. At that stage 1855 is desperate because a law suit could mean worse reputation or even bad press etc. and this they can’t afford. A case like this has really very good chances in court.
    My lawyer’s fee were quite high because I don’t live in France and you have to ask a french lawyer to take the case.
    If I look back I shouldn’t have agreed to settle. If I went to court I could have asked 1855 to publish this case in newspapers and magazines, at least that’s what my lawyer said. And I think that would “hurt” 1855 the most.

  48. Same problem here. 1855.com have been holding back my wine for years. They even told me to pay the shipping costs so the futures could be released. I was stupid enough to send them more money. Of course my futures never came….
    If you ask me they are deliberately swindling customers like me.

    This has been going on for years now. I can not understand that the DGCCRF allows 1855.com to stay in business.

  49. Dear All, Why dont we go to the press with these cases? We could even buy and Add in Decanter declaring war on 1855.com.
    I have an outstanding order for Bordeaux 2008 (recieved 6 botles so far but are awaiting 40 more, and placed an order for 2009 as well), and I have been in contact with bothDecanter and the UGCB in order to raise hell and hurt them. If we wanna bring them down i think we should take it to the press.

  50. Dear all,

    I ordered through 1855 and after a relatively long delay (2 months, nothing compared to what I have read on previous posts) and a erroneous tracking number, without any answer to my following mails, it has been delivered, in good condition. I was a bit worried after having read all the posts here.

    I agree that it is not the best service possible but, where do you buy your wine online?

    I live in Sweden, but I am French and use my French address for the deliveries. Anyway, here are the websites I now consider (French):

    http://www.caveprivee.com/ some discount
    http://www.1jour1vin.com/ my favorite, very well documented, mainly limited offers
    http://levertetlevin.com/ organic wines
    http://www.alarosedesvins.fr/ nice selection

    all the best,


    • A quick follow up, more than 2 years later.
      I have read that caveprivee.com is owned by the same company as 1855. i have ordered wines there and got them with a huge delay (6 months). I probably won’t be buying anything else from them either.
      I don’t know if you have venteprivee (venteprivee.com) in your country:
      United Kingdom
      United States
      but at least in France there are some good deals, quite often, on usually well known wine. Nothing really amazing, but still some good mainstream offers. And the delivery is without any hassle.


  51. Hello everyone,
    I ordered some wines a month ago from Chateau Online including some En Primeur. I also found out that they were bought by 1855. So, my wines were supposed to be delivered on 24.10 and I am still waiting. No answers to e-mails. Phone calls are on hold and never can get through. A nightmare. I will make a fraud application to my credit card company. So, watch out for them as well.

  52. Hello,

    I ordered 6 bottles of wine 9th August 2012. It is 20th Sep today. I haven’t yet received wine. I try to contact them by e-mail. phone, fax, but nothing worked. Does anybody know how I can get my money back?

  53. Sadly I did not look into the reputation of this company before placing a substantial order for Philipponnat Champagne. The wine was never delivered, according to them because of “problems with the supplier”. Strangely though, they still offer exactly the same wine on the website. The promised reimbursement has also not been given.

    I have filed a complaint with my credit card company and hope to get my money back.

    • Just like me, I should have looked on the internet before using this company. I leave in Australia where I have used online retailers for years without any problems.
      Being French I ordered some wine from 1855 to be delivered to my brother’s address in France just before my last trip to France. The web site advertised a 10 day delivery time frame. 5 weeks later the wine hadn’t turn up and no one had try to contact me, so I call them. I won’t bore everyone with all the details but they eventually agree to reimburse me after many phone, that was more than 2 month ago, I am still waiting for my money, not very hopeful though.

  54. !855 make good wine offers – take your money and don’t deliver. Nor do they respond to polite emails as to “where is my wine?”.
    Very frustrating to deal with!
    Still waiting and they still have my money.

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