1855.com finally deliver – well sort of

All of my emails went unanswered, even the email to the marketing director, and the email asking for the order to be cancelled.

Instead I received an email from 1855.com saying that 75% of my order had shipped.  I thought that was a bit rude after receiving emails to cancel the order, but at least it was progress.  And today, 4 days after receiving that email, and a bit over a month after placing the order I have 18 bottles.  Fortunately I was home when the courier arrived – this was what I was worried about, and hence prompted my initial emails and calls to 1855.com.

If the last 6 bottles arrive safely from 1855.com I will post the news here.  I hope they do because they were the main reason I placed the order.  But I fear they won’t as they are no longer listed on the 1855.com web site.

UPDATE: the wines did arrive, and fortunately I was home when the courier called. The next day I received an email apologising for not replying to my (many) previous emails and asking if I wished to wait for my remaining 6 bottles or have a refund. I asked for a refund and received a prompt email saying it had been processed.


47 thoughts on “1855.com finally deliver – well sort of

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    • Exactly same story for me. In the end they delivered but it took many many emails and telephone calls. The call center does not seem equipped for the job. Terrible!
      Still thinking to order again as they now offer 15% discounts, but fear they may be playing the same game again. Anybody can tell me if 1855 may be expected to stay in business?


      • Still have not received my 05 order from 1855!!!! It is Dec, 2010-any help with direct contact would be helpful!

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  3. I have also had very bad experiences with 1855.com:
    1. I have been waiting for over 3 months for a bottle of 2005 rauzan segla to be delivered. I have received mails promising that it was about to be shipped for the past 2 1/2 months.
    2. They do not reply to e-mails or telephone calls. They seem to have some sort of call center that does nothing but say someone will call back (they never do).
    3. I was promised a free wine. It seems to have got lost in the post (last indication is that it was sorted in france on the 27th of june…)
    3. They used to be quite good 2-3 years ago, but are now terrible.

  4. 2. They do not reply to e-mails or telephone calls. They seem to have some sort of call center that does nothing but say someone will call back (they never do).

    YES, that is exactly what I experienced. “someone will call you back”, and when you ask why can’t you just answer by question now they become flustered – obviously their training doesn’t cover this question (and many more).

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  6. Looks like I should have checked out this site before ordering wine as my order has not been shipped yet, 4 weeks later. Money came out of account quick enough though.
    Unfortunately 1855.com was only retailer offering the wine I wanted!

  7. I purchased 2 cases of Chateau du Tertre 2005 en primeur. I waited until June 08 for deliver – as indicated with en primeur – and then called to confirm delivery date. I was told there was a problem with the order and would be in August. This was after I had called at least a dozen times. In September I tried again and finally spoke to somebody who promised end sept early october. I tried mid October and finally spoke to somebody who said november. I called 1st december and as usual you have to leave a message. nobody responds and the person who answered let slip he was in a call centre… this is the worst provider of wine i have ever come across. i am now waiting to confirm cancellation and hopefully will receive 900 euros.

  8. Same story for me – still waiting for a delivery of 2005 en primeur, despite an email apologising for the delay and promising delivery within a week – back in October! Since then emails just go unanswered.

    I’ll give it one more shot and then contact my bank to try and recover my money from this bunch of fraudsters.

    A company to avoid.

  9. Does anyone have any other number to call to other than the one listed – to speak to someone with authority?

    Has anyone been successful in getting refund for the Futures purchased?

    I bought some Futures a while back, and now trying to arrange for delivery. But now I know why my emails never get replied!

  10. I agree with all of you. I have just made my first purchase with them, and I need to contact someone there. I have left at least 4 messages with their call service, each time with a promise to return my call. I have sent numerous e-mails. No response. Nothing!

    If anyone has a phone number or idea about reaching someone at 1855 (and not their outsourced call center), it will be greatly appreciated.

    Never again!

  11. Same problems occured to me.
    I Ordered 4 bottles of Bordeaux on october the 8th. Twenty mails later, and 3 months later, they offer me to deliver another primeur.
    Unbelievable ! I should have read your mails before.

  12. I have ordered and paid for six bottles of Chateau Lynch Bages 2005,Pauillac, Bordeaux, 75 cl. on 19th june 2006. During spring 2008 I received the email from 1855 stating that consignment was ready. I paid the balance amount for duty, VAT and shipping. I rang in summer chasing them to deliver. I was told that there are some delays due to the supplier. For the past three days I am constantly ringing and emailing. They repeatedly ask for my phone number stating that customer service will get back to me. I have not received any phone calls or emails. I despair, it is rather lot of money.

  13. Hi I am French Lawyer working/living in London. Same thing happenned to me with Primeur 2005! I am trying to get either delivered or reimburse (prices has gone up!) trough a legal process … It is quite urgent as they may go bankrupt ….
    Anyone interested = I can help for free (may be a bottle or a few glass o nice wine)! Email me frederic.lacuha@1webmail.net
    Cheers, Fred

  14. Hi I am French Lawyer working/living in London. Same thing happenned to me with Primeur 2005! I am trying to get either delivered or reimburse (prices has gone up!) trough a legal process … It is quite urgent as they may go bakrupt ….
    Anyone interested = I can help for free (may be a bottle or a few glass o nice wine)! Email me frederic.lacuha@1webmail.net
    Cheers, Fred

    • Dear Fred,

      I had avery unpleasant experience with 1855 too. After ordering and paying for a case of 2000 Lynch Bages, a dozen or so e-mails and countless frustrating phonecalls I was offered 2004 instead(!).A mail to Eric Sauty de Chalon was ignored. I was happy to get my money bach months later. As a matter of fact I try not to repeat previous mistakes, so I placed no further order with 1855. Since then I have ordered quite a few times with London merchant http://www.bordeauxindex.com. All my experiences were nothing short of excellent. Especially noteworthy is my last experience: unluckily in a sending of 12 high class bordeaux cases one showed signs of heat damage. Bordeauxindex agreed to exchange ALL cases at no cost. The wine will not be reintroduced in sale but used as private directors reserve. Although this is the way it should be, in the internet world of fast money this is the exception rather than the rule. Plese note that I have no financial interest in supporting any wine merchant. I simply want to help serious wine lovers find serious and reliable wine merchants.As you live in London, bordeauxindex.com merits a strong recommendation Best, Dr.Klaus Hebold

  15. Hi I’m Gabriele (Italy), I’m buying usually wine on Internet and on 1855 since several years. The troubles started in july 2008 with an order of crazy bordeaux and the delivery of my 2005 futures. The july order was delivered in september and from the primeurs I got only a part, apparently dueto logistic problems. I wrote, tried to speak with the people at the firm…well you the story. Last february i’was contacted by a lady who told me she would became my refernce in 1855 and got assurance I’ll see my futures the 25th of april. I got also a letter from Emeric Sauty de Chalon,
    apologizing for the inconvinience and speakiing about credit crunch.Did you also get one? If interested I can post the letter. I’m still missing the Lynch Bages, the Petit Village and Branarie Ducru and growing nervous.
    Cheers Gabriele

  16. I have given up on ever receiving my 2005 futures, and pushed for a refund. I must have sounded suitably vexed as it came through today. I think mailing the head-honcho directly may have helped, too 😉

    At the end they couldn’t tell me where the wine was, nor provide a firm delivery date. I have serious doubts that they ever had it in their hands to be shipped. I don’t think 1855.com are out to rip anyone off or my refund wouldn’t have happened, but they are obviously unable to fulfil their obligations. I hope the issues get resolved and everyone gets their wine or a refund soon.

    I put my refund for six bottles of Pichon Longueville de Baron against half a dozen bottles of Pontet Canet from the same year, from a London-based company. Not as much fun, and also more expensive as they are no longer ‘en primeur’, but on the way home from work next week I am going to make a short detour to pick them up from the physical store with my very own physical hands – and that’s worth a little extra 🙂


  17. Hello I’am Robert (netherlands) same story as above, still waiting for the 2005 Bordeaux. Last answer i got;

    CC: ldelaruelle@1855.com
    From: esauty@1855.com
    To: robert.oerlemans@hotmail.com
    Subject: Re: 1855 / Follow-up of your email order 268035546674
    Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 16:59:25 +0100

    Dear Mr. Oerlemans,

    I do appologize for this lack of quality of service. Growth of our activity has been strong over the last years, and our team and supply chain has really be under pressure.

    Lucie Delaruelle (who is working directly with me) will ensure a quick treatment of your shipping. She will come back to you within 7 days with an idea of a shipping date.

    Nevertheless, I will have pleasure sending you a gift to appologize.

    Best regards,

    Emeric Sauty de Chalon

    I am going to drink a Amarone from Tedeschi, more fun when the bottle is empty:)

  18. After many, many , many unsanswered calls, letters, calls, emails , and three and a a half years later, i just manage (may 09) to get my 2005 primueurs refunded. How strange, i even feel lucky to get the refund despites obviously being cheated ! If you ordered 2005 primeurs, hurry up to get your refund ( an dyes i knwo tehy will make money on it) while cash lasts and make sure you avoid them in the future ! they are the worst liars possible

  19. Same experience with 1855.com. Do not buy from they they are fraudsters. They take payment and will not deliver the wine.

    The regulator should take action and shut the operation down.

  20. I just lodged a complaint with the European Consumer Commission, and will update this blog with the result.

    Having not received about 40% of my 2005 primeurs, in July I managed to contact Matthieu Rahamefy (who has since left 1855.com – perhaps he was too honest?). He agreed to give me a refund, and asked me to send a letter confirming such, and listing the wines on which a refund was required, which I did.

    Following that, there no response to emails. Upon calling I was told, “It is with the finance department. It will be processed within two weeks”. I was told the same again a few weeks later. And again, “Don’t worry, you will get your money”. Most recently, I was told “We can’t find your letter. You will need to send it again”. I did. Not surprisingly, no reponse – these are clearly just stall tactics.

    Consequently, it is clear that 1855.com have no intention of giving me my wines or my money back. I am envious of those who managed to get a refund without much of a fight.

    How have others gone in pursuing their refunds?

    • How did you lodge the comapint with the European commission. I am havin the same types of problems as other people with wine deliveries even now after their “refinancing” and supposedly out of financial problems.

      They are indeed fraudsters and would like to start to use some legal leverage to have them react either to deliver the wines owed or refund all my money including wine price increase and VAT. Appreciate any advice you may be able to give.
      Thank you


  21. Same story here sending lots of e-mails and letters to 1855 incl to e. sauty i m still waiting for 7 bottles of 2004 primeur and a lot of 2005 primeurs. I filled a complain by the ecc european consumer commission. The answer i got when they tried 2 contact 1855.com was they didnt get any response from them.
    Now i agreed that they give thise case over to a France organisation called BIEV.
    When i read all these stories i will start writing and calling again to obtain my goal of receiving the primeurs or getting a refund.
    One thing is for sure i will never ever order anything from 1855.com again

  22. Please let me know how things go with BIEV, Martin. I have had the same response from ECC, but am waiting to hear back from their French office as to which legal avenue to now take.

  23. The ECC France were ignored also by 1855.com. They advised that the course of action now is to log a complaint with the competent court:

    Tribunal d’ Instance de Paris 1er
    Maire 4 Place du Louvre
    75001 Paris
    Tel: 0142441818
    Fax: 0142613856

    I would suggest that anyone that is still owed money or wine by 1855.com moves quickly to lodge a complaint – I was advised by the tribunal that this vendor is in trouble and that there are alot of complaints against them.

    • Jonathan,

      I have a court date on the 4th of February with the tribunal, as above. I have hired a local law firm to represent me. If you would like to “piggy-back” on top of this action, then that would allow us to share legal costs. Please let me know if you are interested and I can give you an email address on which I can be contacted.


      • KS,

        Do let me know how you got on with this as I think I need to take legal action too. I have lafite 03 and other first growths still awaiting delivery.

  24. Jonathan,

    I have a court date in Paris on the 4th of February. I am having a local law firm represent me. If you would like to discuss sharing legal costs by joining our two cases together, please let me know.


    • KS,

      I wondered how your situation eventually ended with 1855. Did you get deliveries or refunds ? I would be interested to get in touch with the law firm you used if this was useful. Thank you for any advice you may be to provide as I have same types of problems as many of the clients of 1855 also.

      Thank you


  25. Success! A cheque in my hands, and without the need for me to go to court. Having lodged a complaint with the ECC France (via the ECC in my country of residence), they attempted to liaise with 1855.com… and got ignored. However, they did escalate with the DGCCRF, who evidently have the clout to make things happen. So, for anyone still chasing a refund for undelivered primeurs, I would suggest lodging a complaint with the local ECC branch.

    • Hi, Ks Congratulations on your success in your claim for refund.
      Like you I also bought En primeur 2005 2006 and 2007, and although contacted 1855.com repeatedly, they just ignore. I would appreciate if you will give me the address of ECC and also that of DGCCRF, so that I can file my claims. Thank you in advance.
      My phone no. is 65(singapore)-96379692. I would appreciate if you can give me your phone no. regards.

  26. I am asolutely furious. How are this company allowed to keep trading. I bought 6 bottles of champagne online in late Dec 2009. I have not received it. They keep promising to send it to me but its still not here. Have just sent them another email. I cannot afford this I am disabled. Any advice greatfully received. HELP….

  27. I ordered and paid some 900 Euros in the summer of 2006 for the 27 2005 en-premier wines. I can echo all of the problems I have read in this forum. Finally, it seems the French Government is involved as I noticed a number governmnet e-mail addresses in the cc line. I have received all but four bottles now and it seems that my contacting my local ECC division in Vienna, Austria helped considerably. I am surprised to find that they are still in businees as well, but I suppose it takes a fair bit of time to involve governments. My advice to those still waiting is to be patient. I have four bottles left to go. If you are in the EU try to contact the ECC and they will in turn contact the DGCCRF.

  28. I am based in Toulouse and have had many promises of deliveries even in writing from 1855. They have part of my shipment available but i have told them I will take only one single delivery of ALL my outstanding wines in one shipment.

    I would appreciate if anyone has contacts of the ECC in Toulouse or Paris ?


  29. Wow, this is exactly the same as my experience, almost to the letter – how does this website stay in business???

    I ordered 2 bottles of old vintage Mouton Rothchilds for a friends wedding gift. Now, 3 months after the wedding, the wine has not been delivered. They are not replying to emails, nor do they ever answer the phone. Someone needs to report these people to the consumer council or something.

    The most frustrating thing is that I don’t live in Paris, otherwise I would go to the their representative office and beat an answer out of them. If worse comes to worst and I haven’t heard from them by December (4 months post-wedding), then my (French) boyfriend will go to the office and beat an answer out of them on my behalf, when he goes home for Christmas.

  30. We are currently waiting on all our 2008 en primeur wines. They were supposed to be delivered May/June 2011 and despite several phone calls and e-mails nothing has happened.

    In fact they have now stopped answering my e-mails and it is virtually impossible to get them on the phone.

    We live in the South West of France and had ordered and received wines on previous occasions, not without problems, but nothing like this.

    This company is appalling

  31. I have given up and engaged a lawyer. I am lucky enough to work in Paris and have visited 1855.com at their offices. It has no effect.
    See this link for the latest update on successful prosecutions against 1855.com.
    Consider that there are a reported 300 claimants going through the courts. Add to that those persuing other routes – or who are still trying vainly to “persuade” 1855 to deliver, and you can probably work out the size of the problem. This blog alone has 122 pages of comment on 1855.com.
    I suggest that the reason that they have revenue AND profit this year is because they keep taking in money – but don’t spend it on your wines.
    “Caveat emptor” – as the Romans would have said.

  32. The Worst Wine provider on the web, They claim to be the biggest and have the largest choice of wine in Internet. I place my order of 4 cases of Chateau Beaulieu, a wine they announce with a picture on their home page as their must have wine. When I place my order the stock for this reference was 348 bottles after 4 weeks waiting for my delivery I received the following email in french:
    Which basically means that they’ve difficulties to gather the cuantities I have ordered unbelievable because if you look their website for that same wine they still have it for sale and they pretend to have 144 in stocks???And they are asking me to wait 2 more weeks which put the delivery time at 6 weeks.
    Then I’ve tried to speak to someone since weeks and they always pretend that they are too busy dealing with other customers??????? HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE THEY DO NOT ANSWER ANY EMAIL AND YOU WILL NEVER REACH SOMEONE TO HELP YOU WITH YOUR QUERIES!!!!!!


    Suite à des difficultés d’approvisionnement, nous ne disposons pas de la totalité des références de votre commande sur notre plate-forme.

    Il faudra donc compter une livraison d’ici une quinzaine de jours.

    Nous nous excusons sincèrement pour la gêne occasionnée par ce retard et restons à votre disposition pour tout complément d’information.

    Bien à vous,

    • Dear Sara,
      I would go further than your advice to be careful.
      Don’t order from 1855.com!
      I, and several hundred others are suing 1855 for simply taking our money and doing nothing else. I have visited their offices and believe me, there is nothing to date – except a court appearance – which will motivate 1855 to compensate those from whom they have taken money.
      I have had some bottles of (in stock” wine delivered eventually, but by no means all. None of my en primeurs have been delivered. Every negociant and producer I have written to confirms that they have no orders from 1855 and will NOT sell to them.
      If you don’t sue you will never get your wine or your money back. It is 1855 policy! They have promised the French courts that they will deliver 2009 en primeurs by the end of July. Since many 2009 wines have increased considerably in value since release, I have no confidence whatsoever that they will honour their promises to the courts.

      • I’m still waiting my 2005 primeurs or at least a remborsment! I stopped to buy french primeurs online although they are surely honest people onthe business. What I’m realy amazed at, is that those “gentlemen” of 1855 are still on business, allowed to do business and aside news about theyr unreliability on blogs it looks there is not a single act from french authorities.

  33. I ordered 24 bottles in June, Received 6 in timly manner. No answeres to my mails, nobody ansering the phone. In july I received 6 + 6 bottles. But the last 6 bottles are still missing, over 8 weeks after the initial order!
    Luckily I payed with credit card, and will now claim refunding from the credit card company!

    DO NOT BUY from 1855!

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