Chateau Marquis de Terme 2004

86 Points

Margaux, Bordeaux, France. 12.5%

Dark and bright but not scarily so. Fragrant with nice French oak. Surprising sweetness on the front palate balanced by acids on the finish giving an overall fruit-like effect. Still the sweetness is tad cloying without food. New World-ish? Slightly perhaps though the tannins are fine and grippy.

Out of step quality wise with its neighbours.

Leave for 4 years.

PS on the 2nd night it was more savoury but the acid and tannins astringent, not a favourable combination.

PPS the 2000 vintage is a slightly better wine, plus with the benefit of 4 years of age (88 points).  Not showing the richness of 2000, another wine to show that this wasn’t the super quality nor even as consistent a vintage that en primeur tastings suggested.



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