Caro 2003

80 points


Catena malbec 2006

83 points

Chile. 13.9%

A touch too much volitile acidity for me. However in its favour the alcohol is restrained (ish) and not sweet.

Vinea Marson Syrah 2005

77 points.

Heathcote, Victoria. 14%

Dark crimson unfiltered. Strange nose marred by mercaptan. Palate also weird concoction. Oh dear, otherwise it seems very promising in weight and balance. The next day raisin flavours come to the fore – yuck.
I’d like to think this is just one bad bottle, or perhaps batch.

Puygueraud 2004 and 1998

This was a surprise.  The 2004 is the better wine, and that’s not accounting for the age difference.

The 1998 is in good condition, and is showing some influence of age but not much in the way of improvement.  It makes me wonder if this wine really benefits from age.  There are certainly many wines that do not benefit from age, but this sort of wine rarely features on this blog.  Puygueraud is serious wine, but after 4-5 years it should start to be consumed, there is little return from aging it (though it will last).  Anyway, that’s my verdict for the moment.

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