When prices go silly

Yesterday I was offered a bottle of Trinity Hill 2006 Homage Syrah, which I turned down, due to the $170 price tag.  “I can buy buy 2005 Hermitge (e.g. Jaboulet La Chapelle) for that price”.  “Good point” said the wine retailer “though the Trinity Hill is a nice wine”.

“I’m sure it is” I replied “but it’s very young and with no history, who knows if it will turn out as well as the wine show judges hope”.

Why the ridiculous price ?  Because it won top wine at the 2007 NZ Wine Awards and presumably it is made it miniscule quantities.  It will all sell out in the brief blaze of publicity it receives.  There is real novelty in a Shiraz topping the NZ wine show.

Beware of (briefly) famous wines – they wil never offer value.


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