Wynns Coonawarra Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

90+ points

Coonawarra, South Australia. 14%

Andrew Caillard ( in Gourmet Wine Traveller Dec 08) described this as “brilliantly focused Paulliac look-alike”. Which grabbed my interest and deep suspicion. But it is almost free of minty eucalypt aromas and flavours. Quite noticeable tannins, though more approachable than I’d expect a 2006 Bordeaux to be. Does this mark a new style for Coonswarra? Good value. I plan to buy a case.

UPDATE May 2012 – on a positive note this wine is more savoury than many of the better Australian cabernets, however it is still a tad alcoholic with too much (added) acid giving a tamarillo juice quality – thankfully this tones down a good deal with breathing (so decant for 20 mins before serving).

Dec 2012 – Opened last bottle because Dan Murphy are offering this as a “cellar release”. It’s not an old mature wine by a long way. It is Bordeaux like, savoury – whereas Margaret River wines are Bordeaux like in flavour profile. So while this is food friendly it doesn’t really capture the best characteristics of claret. Good solid claret, workman like.


3 thoughts on “Wynns Coonawarra Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

  1. I have been drinking 6 bottles of this wine from vintage 1999. It has been great on every occasion, from 2003 until last month, which saw the end of the six bottles. It was like a good left-bank bordeaux, mature fruit but with solid tannins and good acidity to start with, and then secondary aromas evolving over time. Highly recommended at our local price, ~17 Euros.

    Mats L

  2. I’m still waiting to drink my 1996 Wynn’s Black Label. Judging by the 1996 Koonunga Hill that I had a few months ago and it’s relative youth, I reckon that I will have to wait a few more years before opening a bottle of the Wynn’s.

    Perhaps a better test for the Black Label would be trying my ’96 Wynn’s Cab-Melot (red stripe label). What the Koonunga Hill really did was put the brake on opening a ’96 Bin 389.


  3. Two years later and this seems a little more traditional Australian, still not minty Coonawarra thankfully. I’m a little surprised at the degree of development – no need to drink in a hurry, but perhaps not much reason to wait either. 88 points.

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