Wynn’s Oven’s Valley Shiraz Burgundy 1990

92 points


Once (perhaps) all the fruit for this came from Oven’s Valley (now usually called Alpine Valley) but this, one of the last few vintages of this wine, is probably a blend – perhaps with fruit from nearby Rutherglen, or elsewhere.  This area in Victoria is near Albury, half-way between Melbourne and Canberra.  Very continental climate, potentially cool (cool nights), but also some very hot days in Summer.

A piece of Australian wine history. Large old oak, restrain when it comes to added acid.

Bought at auction. Cheap cork but in perfect condition.

Aromas of age, leather (old furniture), warm, figgy. Sweet (more than expected) and very soft but with quite a bit of vitality for its age. Very good wine that won’t get any better. Amazing that a commercial wine like this, no tannic blockbuster, nothing ‘reserve’ about it, can age so gracefully.

And this is no fluke. I remember buying old bottles of this when I was a Uni student 20 years ago.


5 thoughts on “Wynn’s Oven’s Valley Shiraz Burgundy 1990

  1. I’m thrilled to read your report on the ’90 Ovens Vally Burgundy. I have a couple of bottles that I picked up at a bottle shop in the Barossa Valley some years ago. It had a reputation for aging well and I’m glad to hear that it is drinking well as I have yet to open mine.

    Sometimes these so-called commercial wines can do very well in the cellar. Another Australian wine that did well was a ’75 Lindeman’s Auburn Burgundy that I opened in 2001. I never meant to keep it as long as I did but what an experience, a beautiful, warm, ripe, mature wine, like your notes on the Ovens Valley, soft but sweet in a leathery, ripe tomato fashion with oodles of complexity and length.

    Nothing like these old, mature wines.


  2. I have one which I must drink soon. I remember a wine critic writing many years ago when I first bought it that it was a “tannic monster which should not be drunk for 20 years”. It’s now 22 years, so I had better deal with it soon!
    Doug Anderson.

  3. I have a bottle of 1975 Wynns Ovens Valley Shiraz Burgundy- would it still be drinkable..?! It’s been we’ll cellared. Also, what would its value be..?! Regards, Adrian

    • Probably only about $40. It’s not a famous wine, it was always underpriced. It could be great, or awful – you won’t know how the cork has performed until you open it.

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