Decanter magazine goes digital at last

100 points

In my opinion Decanter magazine lives up to its claim to be the world’s best wine magazine.  It’s wisely so much more than just a bunch of tasting notes.  I don’t see much point in buying magazines that are little more than hundreds of tasting notes when I can look up reviews of any wine online whenever I need that information.  Decanter magazine has great writers (like Michael Broadbent, Hugh Johnson, and Andrew Jefford), and their tastings focus on overall impressions, rather than individual wines.

It’s the sort of magazine I want to keep for reference.  But copies of Decanter magazine take up a lot of space in the house.

So I wrote to them several times asking when they would have a digital edition, e.g. for iPads. And a few days ago I received a reply saying that Decanter is now digital – click here to see.  You can read it on your mac or ipad.

So now my Decanter magazines take up no space, and they are easily searchable.  Also living in Australia Decanter reaches retailer shelves very late (I used to read their Christmas wine suggestions in February), now I get it the instant it is released in London.  And finally, the online subscription is much cheaper than the Australian newstand price (especially thanks to the weak US dollar and strong $A).  Buy now.


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