Expensive wine doesn’t always taste better

Actually, there is a rather good relationship between price and quality in wine, but there are two very good reasons why a person used to drinking sub $20 bottles will often be disappointed by a splurge on a $60+ bottle.

First of all expensive wine will often be different, a strange unfamiliar taste, and it is more difficult to fully appreciate new tastes.

But also one of the defining characters of fine wine is its aging potential – the reputation, and price, of many a fine wine is based on what it tastes like at 10, 20, even 30+ years of age, not at 5 (or less) years old.

My advice to someone seeking to learn about the truly great wines of the world is to try to taste them at (vertical) tastings that feature various vintages going back some years.

2 thoughts on “Expensive wine doesn’t always taste better

  1. Adding to Byron’s remarks. Our research has shown most consumers do not like the taste of aged wines. Even 4-5 year old Shirazes are rated much lower than the new releases (1- 2 year old).

  2. Research conducted in my living room has concluded that people I know like more expensive wine… I do how ever agree that old / expensive wine taste different. So glad most people don’t like the same bottles as I do. Suppose it’s an acquired taste 🙂

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