Weingut Gottelmann Munsterer Chardonnay Spatlese troken 2007

83 points

Germany. 13%

An oddity, at least for me – a German chardonnay. I couldn’t resist buying it from Fortnum & Mason (who generally pick their wines well), especially as it wasn’t expensive at £15.

I found it personally fascinating, it brought back to mind flavours I’d not encountered often nor for some time – that is, it reminded me of chardonnays from the Clare Valley in South Australia. Quite intense, pear juice flavours and alcohol, flavours that are chardonnay like (at least more so than other grape varieties), yet different from other chardonnays. A bit over-the-top, but in a different way than warmer climate buttery oaky chardonnays. Today little if any chardonnay is grown in Clare Valley I think, most of its best winemakers, just as Jeffery Grosset, now source their chardonnay from the Adelaide Hills. But Clare is one of Australia’s most famous, if not the most famous riesling district… and Europe’s is Germany of course. Coincidence ? Perhaps, probably, I’m ‘drawing a long bow’ from tasting just one wine (and few Clare chardonnays too).


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