Moorooroo White 1975

My most interesting wine event in recent times occurred when a friend opened some Australian wines from the 1970s and 60s that he inherited from his father. These were not ‘grand cru’ wines, if the concept even existed then, no Grange, St Henri, Maurice O’Shea from the Hunter.

One of the stars was a white! A 1975 white with a weeping cork and fill to the lower shoulders. A Semillon, Riesling, Trebbiano blend!!!! Orlando Moorooroo. The Moorooroo vineyard isn’t famous but perhaps it should be. I believe it is over 150 years old. Today Schild Estate’s top wine comes from there, perhaps there are others too.

This old white with failing cork wasn’t the finest white on the planet but it was a quality old wine, definitely showing its Semillion heart. Soft lanolin complexity. Even more astonishing, it lasted until the following evening after being opened!

I’m unsure what can give a wine such amazing longevity.

Did they add acid to this wine? Certainly the technology was around by then (Grange was acidified right from the first vintage). Did it taste it, no. It seemed a natural wine.


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