Stella Bella Shiraz 2007 cf Turkey Flat Shiraz 2007

A fascinating comparison. I expected the Turkey Flat to taste much more ‘hot climate’ than it did paired against the Stella Bella from Margaret River.

Both French oaked, very well made modern wines. Both under screwcap. They smell and taste like cousins. The Stella Bella is, as expected, slightly more fragrant. The Turkey Flat is the more complete satisfying wine and so, surprising for its age, better drinking now – and also in the long run too I expect. But the Stella Bella is still a very fine wine. The similarity in flavours is remarkable.

2007 was a near perfect dry warm vintage in Margaret River. In the Barossa it was difficult, a frost hit, concentrated hot dry vintage was hit with a huge downpour of rain in mid January which caused splitting. Turkey Flat did remarkably well.

90 points Stella Bella
91 points Turkey Flat



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