Willi Schaefer 2007 and Dr Loosen 2009 Wehlener Sonnenuhur Riesling Kabinett

87+ points. 7.5%

I was surprised to find so little difference between these wines. The Willi Schaefer was a little more developed, again not surprising given it was two years older. The Dr Loosen was more aromatic which I think is due to the screwcap.

Perhaps this similarity is to be expected given that two highly competent winemakers are making wine from the same vineyard.

Neither burst with acid and concentrated flavour. The 30 or so grams of residual sugar perhaps dampen the acid.

Neither are (yet) particularly luscious and flavoursome as good Riesling that has some residual sugar can be.

Given a choice I’d buy the Dr Loosen because of the screwcap.


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