Leeuwin Estate Art Series Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

92 points

Margaret River, Western Australia. 14%

Great label. Delicious wine.

Leeuwin Estate Cabernet has not only bounced back but is now exceeding its best wines of yesteryear.

On the negative side this is a touch spirity, and the (added) acid gives it a touch of that Tamarillo flavour. But it’s hard to be negative about a wine that shows such beautiful, succulent, concentrated fruit flavours beautifully framed by high quality oak. I don’t know of any Australian cabernet that has such oak. All this at barely 5 years old.

It isn’t as exquisite as the 2008 which I think will soon come together and eclipse this with its greater elegance but this 2007 gives delicious drinking and will continue to do so for many years. I’m still unsure if these top WA reds ever develop the aged complexity of Bordeaux, if they do they take a frustrating long time to do so, but in compensation they start drinking as fantastic reds way earlier. Hard to complain about a wine that gives so much pleasure young and keeps on doing so for years – a rare example even if most back labels make this claim.



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