Lacoste Borie 2009

88 points

Pauillac, Bordeaux. 13.5%

The flash 2nd wine of GPL. Usually a relaxed stylish cabernet. I expected more oomph in 2009 but the flavours a just a bit riper no extra concentration.

As usual good drinking at an early age. Sophistication ahead of its price.



1 thought on “Lacoste Borie 2009

  1. Last weekend in Kuala Lumpur , in a tasting of a dozen 2nd wines of the various Grand Crus which included names like Alter Egos of 08 & 09 , la dame de Montrose 09 , les Pagodes 09 , Clos du Marquis 07 & le croix de Beaucaillou 04 , the Lacoste Borie 08 was outstanding in terms of its complex feral nose and its friendly to the pocket pricing . It was one of the crowd’s favourite.

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