Vintage Guides

There are plenty of vintage guides on the web which gives points scores.  My guides are based on drinking wines from the vintage, I’ll discuss the variation and particularly noteworthy bottles, rather than trying to boil it all down into one score.

With technological advances good wine can be made in most vintages now.  However, with must concentration, chapitalisation and acidification (to name just three modifications) there is plenty of room for winemakers to create Frankenstein wines.  In general then consistent, typical vintages are going to produce the most dependable array of wines.  Global warming however is delivering more great, but untypical, even down right odd vintages.  So for fine wine, vintages matter as much as ever.

Another important consideration for fine wine is the impact on price.  The vintage becomes a brand name.  Top vintages gain top prices.  Vintages that get good press early get good prices.

So this vintage guide (under construction) is as much about price as it is about quality.  And I will refrain from giving a single score for the vintage and point out the variation, the good the bad and the ugly.



New Zealand

Northern Rhône