3 thoughts on “Wine Web Links

  1. hi,

    wonderful site–lots of interesting info and to the point reviews! Took me awhile to figure out why there were an unusual number of Australian wines; I appreciate it as I am trying to get a handle on them as I recently bought 3 cases at a Grateful Palate warehouse sale (they import Aussie wines into the US and happen to be located near where I live)…

    I checked the link above and found “windoctor;” you might want to fix the link.

    My site is much less sophisticated and much more narrative …I am primarily a writer, a teacher of writing, and a poet. I hope you’ll stop by and check out my site! (be kind please! but I am wanting to learn so comments encouraged!)

  2. Hi
    nice site indeed, I think one wine magazine from India would be worth listing on your precious site for the readers is


    I have seen anything relates to wine could be seen there,and outstanding changes and upgraded they are making day by day is meriting to be listed on your site.

  3. Have you ever considered reviewing wine clubs? Gold Medal Wine Club has been around for a few years, and gets high marks from subscribers and even the Wall Street Journal (“even” because it has its own wine club). They offer five different series, for different tastes and price sensitivities.

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