De Bortoli Yarra Cabernet 1997 (review)

De Bortoli seems to be a bit of secret in spite of its top 10 status among Australia’s wineries. Empirically I know that lots of people drink De Bortoli, but very few people I talk to ever mention them. This Cabernet walks a straightl ine between the cool climate style Cab and a warm and ripe one (as 1997 was in the Yarra). It burst into my mouth with slightly hot and overripe Cab flavours, but followed with a slightly gritty tannin that did add a bit of length. At the same time the substantial and I think natural acid balanced this slightly rough wine. I found the wine on my shelf and think someone must have brought it and then left it. There are 2 gold medals, one from the Southern VIctorian Wine Show and the other from the Cowra Wine Show. My guess is that 8 years ago this French oaked and macerated Cabernet burst into their mouths too. The label says ‘ classic aging prospect over 8-10 years’. I’m glad I didn’t wait any longer.

2 thoughts on “De Bortoli Yarra Cabernet 1997 (review)

  1. I’m not sure if you liked wine ?

    I’ve trid just a few vintages. It can be very intense, one of the few great Australian cabernets(and yes under valued/noticed).

    I believe they crop at very very low levels.

    I remember trying a bottle once against a friend’s bottle of bordeaux. In this context it tasted sweet and minty. But still intense.

  2. I bought 3 bottles of this on my honeymoon in Fiji in 2001. Drank the first on the honeymoon, the next on the fifth anniv, and will drink the last one on #10.
    Loved it the first two times, a nice earthy foundation like a Bordeaux, and a strong Cabernet style fruit top. It certainly does fill the mouth with a variety of colors.

    Trying to get my buddy who moved to Aus. to get me a nice mixed case of it. Hope to have it delivered, and he can then ship it.

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