Get a life – drink fine wine ?

Clive Coates says that drinking fine wine is part of the art of fine living. What I think he is getting at is that a good life is something you have to work at.

Children enjoy enormous excitement over new things, like pleasurable taste sensations. As adults it’s easy to be jaded and settle for mediocrity. And so easy to settle for the same things we enjoyed as children (habit) even though the excitement is largely gone. Many adults would still list junk food and commercial chocolate as their principle eating pleasures.

How many people do you know are happy with the commercial wine they buy over and over, and/or aren’t terribly fussed with what’s served for dinner ? That’s so many people. It’s why hardly anyone cooks anymore.

And plenty of people watch TV they don’t really care about, read brainless books by the same bestselling author, and watch Hollywood formula movies – sometimes even when they know that none of this is very exciting anymore.

This isn’t living, is it ? It’s at least partially tuning out of life – or what life can offer.


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